Stickers [noun]

Definition of Stickers:

marker, description; brand

Synonyms of Stickers:

Opposite/Antonyms of Stickers:


Sentence/Example of Stickers:

"Them's only a lot of stickers, Mr. Gembitz," Henry explained.

Why is it that so many desert plants have stickers and thorns?

But the ordinary "hinges" or "stickers" will not adhere to such paper.

Fergus attempted to persuade the man to help, since both of Fergus's stickers were dead.

Send for circular giving entire list of 48 Stickers, with their numbers.

He couldn't crawl out, no matter how hard he tried, for the stickers caught into his fur and held him fast.

They tried it, but it wouldn't work, for the stickers still caught in the little guinea pig's fur.

My feets was so tough I could step on stickers and not feel em.

Population "stickers" may also be used, and "stickers" with the names of great missionaries may show where they labored.

Fifi indicated it: No. 71 of the collection of stickers known as Miscellaneous Review.