Stickle [verb]

Definition of Stickle:

shrink away

Synonyms of Stickle:

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Sentence/Example of Stickle:

"But you did stickle about words an hour ago," said Mr. Hempstead, with some severity.

But the magistrate was not in a frame of mind to stickle for nicety of expression.

Cringe, in the sense of to constrain; and so to stickle, or haggle.

I would not stickle about hours, but the money and the drink are very just.

I am not disposed to stickle for this particular phraseology.

Stickle Pond is probably the best adapted of any of those available.

Why, in this manner—but you mustnt mind my speaking out: we know each other well enough not to stickle at formalities—eh?

Let three hundred be taken, and if you find more wanted do not stickle to add to this number.

Such is the influence of Government, that the Devil will every where stickle mightily, to have that siding with him.

The interview ended with a present of half-a-bull to Micky from the convict, which the boy seemed to stickle at accepting.