Stickpin [noun]

Definition of Stickpin:

precious stones, metals worn as decoration

Synonyms of Stickpin:

Opposite/Antonyms of Stickpin:

Sentence/Example of Stickpin:

My watch and chain and stickpin are gone, and likewise all my badges!

He had announced the loss of a stickpin and six dollars and a quarter in cash.

“My stickpin is gone and also one of my rings,” groaned Randy.

He gazed wistfully at Dave's watchchain and at the stickpin.

He gazed thoughtfully at Injun, who, out in the sunlight, was still admiring his stickpin.

Holding the pillow in place with65 one hand Shocker gained possession of the watch and chain and stickpin with the other.

It might mount nicely into a stickpin for Bill, she thought; a memento of the Klappan Range.

A gold-wire bracelet on her left wrist and a stickpin in her four-in-hand tie were her only ornaments.

Colliver cried peevishly, "Why can't a man wear a passable ring and stickpin without it attracting the attention of other people?"