Stiffen [verb]

Definition of Stiffen:

make or become harder

Synonyms of Stiffen:

Opposite/Antonyms of Stiffen:

Sentence/Example of Stiffen:

Even as he held it up for all of them to see, his limbs began to jerk and stiffen.

But they seemed to her to stiffen, against her will, and her embrace was surely mechanical.

And all the time his eyes were upon his wife, and I saw her stiffen as if she had been struck.

White and tense, her hands clenched, Rosamund seemed to stiffen before him.

Little by little his slack body began to stiffen; little by little he raised himself.

At this point the resistance of the enemy began suddenly to stiffen.

He saw her seem to stiffen upon sight of the other aircraft.

It will clear the vision, and discipline the judgment, and stiffen the will.

These extra pieces are a help to stiffen the top and to keep it from warping.

By degrees she looked round, and seemed to stiffen all of a sudden.