Stiffened [verb]

Definition of Stiffened:

make or become harder

Synonyms of Stiffened:

Opposite/Antonyms of Stiffened:

Sentence/Example of Stiffened:

They would have stiffened in astonishment could they have translated the "glare."

The short rest had stiffened them and brought home the weariness to their bones.

They stiffened in surprise as he caught sight of the Leopard Woman.

She stood looking at that outstretched, stiffened man, who was dying.

Joshua Lake stiffened as he had stiffened so many times before.

He was about to slip the device into his pocket when he stiffened involuntarily.

She stiffened; then, very slowly, "All right; start counting."

He stiffened as the door to the room opened and Lucien Travail entered.

It seemed as if a whole village, stiffened with cold and hunger, were buried here.

Eric stiffened and turned his attention to the food before him.