Stiffeners [noun]

Definition of Stiffeners:

something that holds up structure

Synonyms of Stiffeners:

Opposite/Antonyms of Stiffeners:

Sentence/Example of Stiffeners:

"Weel, that is a stiffener," he said, drawing a long breath.

I say, Lane, fetch me a nobbler of brandy; a stiffener, mind.

Another draught, Anthony; a stiffener to thy courage, mayhap.

The fact is, my head is so heavy, that it rolls about on my shoulders; and I must have a stiffener down my throat to prop it up.

Lane fetched the stiffener in a soda-water bottle, and it cleared the legal atmosphere.

The bridle or drawing point of the sledge is formed of hide, and is secured to the beak or stiffener.