Stiffly [adverb]

Definition of Stiffly:

with difficulty

Synonyms of Stiffly:

Opposite/Antonyms of Stiffly:

Sentence/Example of Stiffly:

Omar Ben side-stepped and raked him with a stiffly extended paw.

One or two arose wearily and stiffly, and dragged their loads to the pile.

Take mine, I'll say I've killed you, stiffly dead, in mortal fray.

"I will ask the Herr Doktor if he iss in," replied the man, stiffly.

But he walked so stiffly along the corridor, that she did not dare approach him.

Whip up the whites as stiffly as possible, and mix them lightly with the yolks.

I said again, as stiffly as might be, and I turned towards the door.

"I venture to think, sir, that that is my affair," said Garnache stiffly.

And in the driving-seat is a curious, stiffly swaying figure.

"I regret to have made an engagement for to-day, madam," replied Cashel, stiffly.