Stifled [verb]

Definition of Stifled:

prevent, restrain

Synonyms of Stifled:

Opposite/Antonyms of Stifled:

Sentence/Example of Stifled:

Positively, there did seem to be a kind of stifled murmur, within!

"It is ten minutes past the twelve," she answered in a stifled voice.

Every spark of human feeling had evidently been stifled in him.

"It's—it's going to the wash," said a stiff and stifled voice.

Its first war-cry was stifled back by the brutal and cowardly hand of Destiny.

The stifled laughter of the other travellers showed me that I had won over my audience.

Even her weeping and her sobs were stifled by her clinging round him.

He would have stifled the remembrance with a sigh, but man Is the slave of Memory.

Then Selina—she joined in and said it stifled her to live here.

There was such a crowd in the streets that sixty people were stifled!