Stifles [verb]

Definition of Stifles:

prevent, restrain

Synonyms of Stifles:

Opposite/Antonyms of Stifles:

Sentence/Example of Stifles:

As He knows so well where to hit us we must stifle our moans when He does so.

So hard it is, even for the most depraved, to stifle the last embers of the moral sense.

Chip made haste to stifle his mirth, in fear that she was going to cry.

Then, the moment I reached home, it seemed to me I should stifle were I to enter the house.

Because it seemed to me that we were all of us, all day long, endeavouring to stifle the voice.

There, I'm better—still, I really thought this time that I should stifle!

And if we stifle them are we really the better—the more moral sex?

At the thought of losing her he was obliged to bury his face in the pillow to stifle his cries.

Down there at Vernon, in my frigid room, I bit my pillow to stifle my cries.

Listening intently, he heard the sound of sobbing which she was endeavouring to stifle.