Stilettos [noun]

Definition of Stilettos:

cutting tool

Synonyms of Stilettos:

Opposite/Antonyms of Stilettos:


Sentence/Example of Stilettos:

As for the other palace servants, they had been silenced with bribery or the stiletto.

And he recognized the girl with the stiletto whom he had caught in his hotel room.

It is only a short step with them from a sworn friendship to the stiletto.

Take away, I entreat you, this stiletto, which henceforth is useless to me.

It was then that he was done for and with what is assumed to have been a stiletto.

He drew the stiletto from his bosom, and threw that after it.

And yet, if that offer had not been made as some sort of stiletto jest, why had it been made at all?

Soon after that the villain came to her, and she stabbed him directly with this stiletto.

There was on the toilet-table a stiletto, with a pearl handle.

Among the natives he was known as "Malabanan's stiletto," and was supposed to do all of the killing.