Stilted [adjective]

Definition of Stilted:

artificial, pretentious

Synonyms of Stilted:

Opposite/Antonyms of Stilted:

Sentence/Example of Stilted:

No, my stilted, stiff-laigged sheep of the mountain, we ain't got no ice.'

She was evidently infected by the stilted manner of her ridiculous lover.

The arches are cusped like the windows, but are stilted and segmental.

The letter of congratulation must be natural, not stilted, and must be sincere.

He is not nearly so composed as Shadwell, and his voice has a strange and stilted sound.

The style is stilted, and there is no attempt at delineation of character.

But he's so stilted and tiresome, always serious,—and such a pose!

All unnecessary words and all stilted phrases should be stripped from a letter.

And his poem seemed to him as lame and stilted as the night was winged.

Avoid all stilted phrases and studied efforts at consolation.