Stimulating [adjective]

Definition of Stimulating:


Opposite/Antonyms of Stimulating:

Sentence/Example of Stimulating:

The agricultural shows have much effect in stimulating progress.

It is necessary for other factors to act in stimulating human work.

Their popular use is entirely due to their stimulating properties.

Frequent bathing the feet in warm water, a stimulating plaster applied to the left side, and gentle exercise, are the most proper.

Now the stimulating class are the things which suggest contrast and relation.

The humiliation, the failure, the loss––were good to have; stimulating.

This is not the only way of stimulating the organism, but it seems the most powerful.

And then stimulating himself, he would become furious with rage.

These stimulating stories are among the best of their class that have ever been written.

Mrs. Donovan's confidence was both flattering and stimulating.