Stipple [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Stipple:

The student will notice in particular the stipple effect in the reproduction.

The stipple manner of engraving was a curious development of the art.

She wanted to know the difference between a mezzotint and a stipple print.

This shows the stipple effect in the face and drapery, and a broken line effect in the background.

The foregoing illustration is the first or ground work for the stipple effect produced by the aid of the fingers.

You can tone down any oil color, however, by stippling it with a stipple brush dipped in a pan of dry color, or plaster Paris.

If the color when put on appears too strong and conspicuous, stipple the surface with a little plaster Paris, to tone it down.

The land area is usually clearly distinguished from the water area by a tint or stipple.

Take another art, that of stipple engraving printed in colours.

An examination of the method of shading also bears witness to a transition, for there is observable both smear and stipple work.