Stipulated [verb]

Definition of Stipulated:

decide on conditions

Synonyms of Stipulated:

Opposite/Antonyms of Stipulated:

Sentence/Example of Stipulated:

Putting the stipulated sum into two purses, he handed these to Lorenzi.

The only thing he stipulated was that he should hear me before deciding.

And eventually the day came when he was unable to make the stipulated payments.

He wanted it stipulated that his master was to do all the fighting.

The London firm had stipulated, too, that their new man should be unmarried.

It was stipulated that the treaty should be signed in America, and the Emperor agreed.

I am rich now,—rich enough to double the sum you stipulated for.

She stipulated that she should have her opportunity first, and "alone."

Cornelius stipulated that in case he were to pilot Brown out, his canoe should be towed.

When I sold to Hornblower, I stipulated that they shouldn't be.