Stipulates [verb]

Definition of Stipulates:

decide on conditions

Synonyms of Stipulates:

Opposite/Antonyms of Stipulates:

Sentence/Example of Stipulates:

All I ask, all I stipulate for, is that you make no confidences, ask no advice from any quarter.

If I were in his place, there's only one condition I 'd stipulate for.

These are all that I want to stipulate for on my part; the rest is with you.

We will also stipulate the condition on which honors will be awarded.

Buy it by weight, or stipulate that there shall be so many pounds to the bushel.

You, on your part, are to stipulate that no attempt will be made to arrest us.

The Saracens wished to stipulate for the lives of the garrison, but Richard refused.

I stipulate that neither Christians nor Mohammedans live up to these laws.

But I stipulate at the outset that I will have no offensive superiority in my instructors.

I care nothing for prices; but I do desire, and stipulate for, purity of blood.