Stipulation [noun]

Definition of Stipulation:

condition of agreement

Opposite/Antonyms of Stipulation:

Sentence/Example of Stipulation:

Mrs. Ryan, who lives at 139 Gault court, agreed to the stipulation.

The only stipulation was that his absence from home should not be less than a month.

This indeed had been the stipulation on which John had specially insisted.

This stipulation was revoked by the Peace of Versailles, in 1783.

This is the true meaning of the stipulation, and is undoubtedly the sense in which it was made.

The observation may be repeated, that the stipulation is itself an admission of their right to make or refuse it.

The thing had been stipulated, and he did not know how to go back from the stipulation.

But it had been a stipulation made at the marriage; and the Dean's money had been spent.

"No stipulation; roll your own," Hilton said, and glanced at Karns.

One stipulation,” he went on, “that every article is headed with your photograph.