Stipulations [noun]

Definition of Stipulations:

condition of agreement

Opposite/Antonyms of Stipulations:

Sentence/Example of Stipulations:

But we must not make any stipulations with time, or trust in aphorisms.

The Republic is still governed by the stipulations of this constitution.

What remains of the stipulations, I can hear at another time.

That of the Kingdom of Sardinia afterwards figured in their stipulations.

The Czar professed to take great umbrage at these stipulations.

But in truth there was nothing singular in these stipulations.

For this promise on your part, you require two stipulations from me as conditions.

These stipulations, especially the last-named, are too exacting for Orientals.

Mr. Monk, of course, did join them, making one or two stipulations as he did so.

Or what right has any one to limit it by stipulations of a later date?