Stirs [noun]

Definition of Stirs:

commotion, excitement

Synonyms of Stirs:

Opposite/Antonyms of Stirs:

Sentence/Example of Stirs:

No, sir; I'm not gwine to stir from here till I git my twenty dollars!

Not a breeze can stir but it thrills us with the breath of autumn.

Not until there was a convulsive jerk of Dozier's elbow did he stir his folded arms.

And yet it was a coward's blow, and one to stir the blood and loose the tongue of the most peaceful.

Stir until the eggs have thickened and then remove from the fire.

Mix the sugar and flour and stir them into the boiling water.

Mix and sift the dry ingredients and stir these into the mixture.

Add the remainder of the liquid and stir in half of the flour.

Then stir in the graham flour, adding the nuts while kneading.

Then stir in the remainder of the milk and half of the flour.