Stitchery [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Stitchery:

As well might the needlewoman go to the glazier to design her stitchery.

She glanced up at his angry face and went on with her stitchery in silence.

There is a great survival of this stitchery in Italy amongst the peasantry.

The details of the stitchery will be found on the following plates.

The opposite selvages have hanging threads, remnants of the stitchery which originally seamed two breadths together.

I felt a vague awe, such as I imagine strikes a man at sight of a rose-lined parasol, or a thimble laid on a pile of stitchery.

It might have been torn from a part that was devoid of stitchery; and, again, it might not be part of the frock at all.

In fact, it is the business of the successful embroiderer to know as much about design as she must about stitchery and color.

I would sit with my stitchery on a fallen log in the sunshine, while they ran in and out o' th' grewsome hole.

Truth and gallantry prompt me to add, it is not in stitchery but in design that we lag behind the old.