Stockbroker [noun]

Definition of Stockbroker:

financial expert

Synonyms of Stockbroker:

Opposite/Antonyms of Stockbroker:

Sentence/Example of Stockbroker:

He came to Paris and entered the office of Mazaud, the stockbroker.

I'd much rather be married to a painter than to a stockbroker.

The stockbroker had too short a go—he was carried off in his flower.

My idea was a stockbroker, with an undercurrent of romance in his nature.

Jelfs was a stockbroker and the professional wit of the party.

In the perfect world the farmer would be worth more than the stockbroker.

Dr. Ballard paused in surprise, while the stockbroker approached the bed.

The stockbroker cleared his throat as he regarded his new possession.

The vicar's cousin, a stockbroker, said that Thessaly's father had been a Greek adventurer.

The stockbroker says to the public: My dear sir, here is an open market.