Stockings [noun]

Definition of Stockings:

leg covering

Synonyms of Stockings:

Opposite/Antonyms of Stockings:


Sentence/Example of Stockings:

I suppose you've been sending things to the laundry, and—what do you do about your stockings?

This is my dress, and there's a petticoat and stockings to match it.

Tiennette snatched from the hands of Rose and Jeanne the stockings they were coveting.

While in Newgate he hanged himself to the cell window with his own stockings.

You stare so hard, and you're always looking at my stockings!

My stockings all want to see my mother, and my hat is hoary with age.'

Handkerchiefs for the schoolmaster, stockings and gloves for Solon!

He glided in, in his stockings, and held the door closed, while he spoke in a whisper.

All this while he had been without his coat, and had nothing on his feet but his stockings.

And, besides, the people are poor; they have no stockings to empty.