Stockmen [noun]

Definition of Stockmen:

ranch owner

Synonyms of Stockmen:

Opposite/Antonyms of Stockmen:


Sentence/Example of Stockmen:

He had come from the station of Mr.——, where he was employed as stockman.

"Muggins's Fork," some stockman said he heard it called a month ago.

He was a stockman from a station seventy miles away on the coast.

I did want to be a sailor, sir; but now I'm going to be a stockman.

He was a prophetic figure in the most picturesque and sterile land of the stockman.

Mr. Mullin's position in the Stockman band is that of euphonium soloist.

"This is what he found in the bottle, Frank," continued the stockman.

If only one stockman uses it, it becomes an individual allotment.

Nevertheless, the grey wolf, the stockman's scourge, was blamed.

Jack, the Quiet Stockman, was out at the homestead, "seeing to things" there.