Stocktaking [noun]

Definition of Stocktaking:

assessment about values

Synonyms of Stocktaking:

Opposite/Antonyms of Stocktaking:


Sentence/Example of Stocktaking:

She had dropped unconsciously into her “stocktaking” attitude.

Now I think of it, fountain-pen shops always are stocktaking.

As the new year approached Reynolds asked if there was to be any stocktaking, and, if so, on what lines it should be done?

It was my week's stocktaking that I told this particular lie about, and Kitty never knew when that temporary job came to an end.

But indeed, if the loss of a single duster were the sole crime revealed on stocktaking day, you would be fortunate.

Preston and Paul had been going carefully through their books, and had been engaged in what might be termed a kind of stocktaking.

The stocktaking is nothing; but I was afraid I might get another that would stiffen me properly.