Stodgiest [adjective]

Definition of Stodgiest:

dull, stuffy

Synonyms of Stodgiest:

Opposite/Antonyms of Stodgiest:

Sentence/Example of Stodgiest:

But our foggy English climate and stodgy people call for it.

Norway is the home of the Ibsenian or stodgy, as distinguished from the stagey, Drama.

It would have been artificial, and stodgy, too, to call her "your present wife."

So let us hear no more complaints of stodgy, clammy, “puddingy” rice.

Was this new and stodgy edition of The Raven going to stay forever?

The dear, stodgy old slow-coach, I'm proud of every inch of his success.

They're so stodgy and unconvincing and as out-of-date as tunes in music.

We hear continual complaints of the stodgy dullness of the English.

There was no passion in the stodgy movements of the great paddy arms.

Well, I'm not stodgy any longer, Esme Falconer; you've reformed me.