Stoical [adjective]

Definition of Stoical:

unfeeling, uninterested

Opposite/Antonyms of Stoical:

Sentence/Example of Stoical:

One might call Cecily a stoical amorist, an erotic philosopher.

The Timaeus also contains an anticipation of the stoical life according to nature.

The sea spat at it—and stoical, it streamed with water as though he had been weeping.

With this stoical temper come moods of questioning reflection.

The simple, austere, stoical, heroic man she admired as one above her.

Had he the stoical resignation of which he himself had given so many proofs?

The Spaniard shrugged his shoulders with stoical resignation.

He knew what was coming, and awaited Paul's pleasure with stoical resignation.

Stoical School, 446; its philosophy a moral philosophy, 447.

The Prior met all these horrible comments with a stoical calm.