Stoke [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Stoke:

Tree is less vigorous than Stoke and more subject to blight.

Crashaw was one of the influences that hastened the Stotts' departure from Stoke.

There was but one item of news from Stoke, and it soon came to the surface.

This house goes by machinery, with Elspeth to stoke up the motive power.

We were living at Stoke Newington when the children were born.

Stoke D'Abernon has a claim on the attention of those about to marry.

I asked him (at Stoke), and he said he had never heard of it.

The Stoke road is awfully bad, and it's blowing hard from the north-west.

Nice couple to send me, and short-handed in the stoke hole, as it is.

We might not stay long at Stoke Courci, for there was fighting over all the land.