Stoking [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Stoking:

One was stoking and the other was vehemently urging him to greater effort.

And the foolish youth, at that, straightway fell to stoking the fire.

There were no tremors, no rumblings from the hidden furnace, only the flare of its stoking.

At present the one is burned out and the other is only just stoking up.

Bindle was thorough in all things, especially in the matter of stoking.

Stoking down in that pit in that terrific heat must be fearful!

She has perhaps the better speed, but her stoking is irregular.

Making back-wall has affinities with stoking, only it's hotter while it lasts.

It seemed as foolish as stoking the furnaces of an ocean liner when it is in port.

The Boy did his stoking gloomily, reading aright these portents.