Stolidly [adverb]

Definition of Stolidly:


Opposite/Antonyms of Stolidly:

Sentence/Example of Stolidly:

Grey Beaver looked on stolidly while the white man wielded the whip.

He stolidly followed, striving to brace himself for what must soon come.

"Had to do what's fair by them," mumbled MacWhirr, stolidly.

When he looked up, the pony was stolidly cropping a tuft of grass.

And yet I worked on, stolidly, and bore the caresses of the man who was so soon to be my husband.

He looked at me stolidly, but suddenly I discovered my portmanteau in a corner.

"Wait till I gives him somethin' to eat," she said stolidly.

"Bow Street again," said Macklin stolidly, puffing at his pipe.

"I don't understand your Majesty," said the Provost, stolidly.

John glared at him stolidly, and regretted his choice of candy.