Stomachache [noun]

Definition of Stomachache:

stomach ache

Synonyms of Stomachache:

Opposite/Antonyms of Stomachache:


Sentence/Example of Stomachache:

And they groaned over it—he and she—like people with the stomachache.

Except that fever, I never had anything worse than a stomachache in all my life.

Like a box of sweets, and then you ran the risk of stomachache.

Take a little wine for your stomachache, and a few clothes for your heartache.

Can you be thankful for toothache, or stomachache, or any kind of ache?

Didn't I tell you I ought to have the biggest piece 'cause my stomach's the biggest, an' I'm not afraid of stomachache.

Bangbangsit is also considered as a cure for stomachache, diarrhoea, and is an aid in bringing on menstruation.

While he was yet struggling between repentance and stomachache, the welcome sound of their voices was heard.

Folks did not know then, as well as they do now, that they had the stomachache because they were too fond of rich dainties.

My goodness if that man doesnt have one stomachache, ended this sage young lady speaking from bitter experiences of her own.