Stomped [verb]

Definition of Stomped:

walk with deliberation

Synonyms of Stomped:

Opposite/Antonyms of Stomped:

Sentence/Example of Stomped:

Then she stomped round 'n' slat the dish-rag, but 't wa'n't no use.

He gave up the idea of saying anything and stomped gloomily into the house.

He stomped to the window, still raging at Ostreich's lack of appreciation.

Arrived at the door he stomped the snow from his well-greased boots and went in.

He stomped from the room, slamming the front door as he went.

"I would of stomped on her head if she'd fell in the mud," Harky assured his father.

Smythe turned and stomped off, following his impressed nurses.

But here the girl turned and stomped off and the matter ended.

“Well, you do whatever you have to do,” she said, and stomped out of the cave.

Smythe snorted again and stomped inside to escape the sun's glare.