Stomping [verb]

Definition of Stomping:

walk with deliberation

Synonyms of Stomping:

Opposite/Antonyms of Stomping:

Sentence/Example of Stomping:

There was a stomping rush in the little thicket he had been watching.

Getting up in the middle of the night and stomping around like cattle.

Four hundred pounds of muscle and sinew, it made, stomping and pawing, for Bram.

The woods was full of teams and wagons, hitched everywheres, feeding out of the wagon-troughs and stomping to keep off the flies.

As usual, a ten-gallon hat was perched on his balding head and he was stomping along in high-heeled boots.

There were no horses there, but I could clearly distinguish the stomping of restless hoofs somewhere to the right.

They dried off their bodies by shaking and stomping And took bites of grass, chewing and chomping.