Stones [noun]

Definition of Stones:

hard piece of earth's surface

Synonyms of Stones:

Opposite/Antonyms of Stones:


Sentence/Example of Stones:

This afternoon I took a round of angles and bearings from a pile of stones on the hill.

No stones or other missiles were used; the battle was fist to fist.

We could follow the blood-drops for a long way over the stones.

So it is almost with a shudder I take my last look at the Stones of Carnac.

I was too far to hear him, but the people broke out with a shower of sticks and stones.

I couldn't have supposed that in my presence people would be stocks and stones!

Why in this world are you talking about stones and sage and greasewood?

Remember my orders: stones in your pockets, the stick in your hand.

"Sticks an' stones'll break my bones, but names'll never hurt me," he quoted at her.

He lay as still as the stones beside him, and all was quiet again in the twilight.