Stoneware [noun]

Definition of Stoneware:

containers made from clay; clay art

Synonyms of Stoneware:

Opposite/Antonyms of Stoneware:


Sentence/Example of Stoneware:

The latter may have been pewter or German stoneware with pewter mounts.

Hard-fired wares are divided into two classes, porcelain and stoneware.

The clay liquor ought to be in keeping with the stoneware paste.

This opening into the watches is closed by a stopper of stoneware.

Stoneware is equally opaque, but it is as hard as porcelain.

In the earlier times there were some vessels of stoneware, such as drinking-jugs.

The inferior qualities are used for stoneware, drain pipes, etc.

The box should be of glass or stoneware or other non-conducting material.

The manufactures of the town are principally hosiery and lace, and various kinds of stoneware.

The industries of Kamenz include wool-spinning, and the manufacture of cloth, glass, crockery and stoneware.