Stool [noun]

Definition of Stool:


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Sentence/Example of Stool:

Gracie, shielded by the distance, turned on her stool and studied him.

His head dropped back on his chair; he propped his sagging legs on a stool.

In the kitchen their mother sat on a stool, and peeled potatoes.

And, casting the pen down, he turned his stool round impatiently.

And he sprang from his stool, as their teacher entered the schoolroom door.

On a stool was the unfinished model of Fecundity swathed in wet cloths.

She was sitting on a stool waiting for him, and when he entered she rose.

Lorilleux, seized with a fit of coughing, almost doubled up on his stool.

Against this the pirate was outlined as he sat on his stool.

Roma had returned to the stool, and was resting her elbows on her knees and gazing into the fire.