Stooped [adjective]

Definition of Stooped:

bent over

Synonyms of Stooped:

Opposite/Antonyms of Stooped:


Sentence/Example of Stooped:

Yet, as she stooped, she made her final, grand sacrifice—Mart should go!

A slight noise had caught his ear, he had stooped, listening.

He stooped, thinking he had caught it, but took up only a handful of soapy foam.

Her eyes filled, and she stooped as though to kiss the outstretched hand.

She stooped ever so slightly and touched the upstanding mop of his wavy hair.

Why had he stooped to pick up the cloak if they were not following—if he had not been afraid of losing it?

Then He stooped and kissed the tree, and then He turned and went away.

How he had stooped to trickery and had stolen the gold with which to pay for Valhalla.

He stooped, picked it up, and cast it contemptuously from him.

Mr Pancks glanced at the wall of the adjoining room, and stooped forward.