Stopover [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Stopover:

Almost all towns have stopover books nowadays, and a good thing, too.

We are bound for San Francisco, with a stopover at Nagasaki.

She had learned that the tickets permitted a stopover in Vienna.

They mean to swim to the island opposite without any stopover, and are watched by an admiring crowd of youngsters.

Benefits resulting from the stopover in the Indies were countered by the considerable exposure to tropical infections.

Her stopover seemed quite extended already, for a casual visit in the course of a routine patrol cruise.

Stopover at Sanger may be obtained without extra charge; stage fare to Park, round trip, $8.00.

We can't risk losing that stopover contract on account of some mech joke.

A ten-day stay in Hawaii, flying both ways, with a ten-hour stopover in Los Angeles on the way back.

Never mind shaving—we'll have a stopover at Utica to wait for the Montreal express.