Stoppered [adjective]

Definition of Stoppered:

blocked, clogged

Synonyms of Stoppered:

Opposite/Antonyms of Stoppered:

Sentence/Example of Stoppered:

There are pedants and bigots who insist that the jug must be stoppered with a corncob.

Pound and thoroughly mix, and keep in stoppered bottles or canisters.

Macerate for 10 days in a stoppered bottle, express, and filter.

Runaway River is stoppered like with a cork in the neck of a bottle.

Leave the bottle, stoppered of course, for about a week in a dark place.

Then carefully keep it in a stoppered bottle in a dark place.

When she shook her head, he stoppered the flask and relieved her of the cup.

He opened a stoppered bottle and held its rim to the lady's nose.

The sampling should be performed expeditiously to prevent carbonating, and portions placed in a stoppered bottle.

It seemed like a dream; but then there was the stoppered bottle of white powder in his hand to prove the reality.