Stored [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Stored:

Don't you think I might find some stored away in the cellar, for instance?

You shall be reckless as you like—but without your stored energy surplus to harm you.

Winter pears, however, may be stored, for they keep like apples.

How should a cellar in which foods is to be stored be built and cared for?

These drinks I accepted with gratitude, as also the cigars with which his pockets were stored.

I've gone an' got our clock an' our coverlids from where they were stored in the Blaisdells' barn.

At the theatre he generally slept in the trunk in which he stored his wigs.

The wheat which his customers brought in, was stored at the mill and ground.

My supplies and apparatus were stored on board and the crew were making ready to be off.

There was a hidden cache, not far from where they were, stored against the day.