Storekeeper [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Storekeeper:

The business man was merchant, manufacturer, and storekeeper.

It was the moment they had gone that the storekeeper turned on his friend.

Joan had no reason to inquire his opinion of the storekeeper.

But wait, I have a cigarro which the storekeeper gave me when I––No?

The storekeeper looked at him gratefully and then lowered his eyes again.

I gathered from what Ingua and the storekeeper said that she has simply disappeared.

Ingua came close to the storekeeper, her face dark with passion.

We'll have to hurry up, or the storekeeper may close up on us.

When the outbreak came, my husband was storekeeper at Yellow Medicine.

"Then this crowd has got to pay," went on the storekeeper, unreasonably.