Stores [noun]

Definition of Stores:

collection, supply

Synonyms of Stores:

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Sentence/Example of Stores:

All our stores and equipment were carried across in the boats.

"I pay them the same as the other stores do," he repeated, sullenly.

We captured an immense amount of these stores, a portion of which we carried away.

Genoese and Venetian traders came with their stores of Eastern goods.

Thats all we needa house one side and stores the other, with a wall and two bastions.

They covered the low ground with warehouses, and the bluffs with stores and residences.

Cleveland had then about two hundred inhabitants, and four stores.

Since that time he has erected fifty dwelling-houses, and fourteen stores.

There's gettin' out of stores as well as gettin' in, so there is.

Stores faced it on every side, and above the stores were the lawyers' offices.