Storied [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Storied:

Sad gardens stretch into sad parks; sad parks into storied and haunting forests.

It is not the Avon which runs by Stratford's storied banks, but still it is the Avon.

Could she ever in any way find out about “Storied West Rock”?

It had no storied past, like Panama; and its future depended on—Pacific Mail.

As that of Epimenides, who is storied to have slept seventy-five years.

There in the quiet cemetery will be placed the "storied urn."

And this is one of the most ancient and storied places of the whole country.

The storied window suggests at once practically all that we know of him.

The glory of that storied port is buried "full fathom five."

There is hardly a stone of her streets which is not storied.