Stormed [verb]

Definition of Stormed:

attack, rush

Synonyms of Stormed:

Opposite/Antonyms of Stormed:

Sentence/Example of Stormed:

He stormed and swore, and forbade Elizabeth ever coming in his sight again.

Even as he stormed the ticket-grating, the train was thundering in at the platform.

How our hearts with pleasure warmed When your mother, though it stormed.

It was this that stormed the citadel of my hope, and drove me from even thinking of a God.

It snowed and stormed, and she was allowed to shiver on the platform.

Thus, before the outer door were stormed, the King would be dead.

During eight days, the Russians stormed this point repeatedly.

The next day they stormed Providence, and burned thirty houses.

"It's through her that we're in this trap," Ogle stormed on.

"I'll cut your ears for you if you're not civil," stormed the infuriated Binet.