Stow [verb]

Definition of Stow:

reserve, store

Synonyms of Stow:

Opposite/Antonyms of Stow:

Sentence/Example of Stow:

What a sly devil I was to stow that treasure away for a rainy day!

"Come down, and we'll stow it in our berth," said Flannigan.

Tom Platt an' dad they stow together, an' you'll hear 'em arguin'.

The last notice is in Howe's continuation of Stow's Annals .

Stow and others follow him here, but, as it should seem, unadvisedly.

I'll stow it in the woods, and stroll here at night to listen to the jackals at their banquet.'

We came to the Castle and I dismissed him, bidding him stow his load safely in my quarters.

She was looking for her purse, in which she wished to stow Morris's surplus.

Lift Jenkins out of the wardroom, and stow him in a forecastle bunk.

I have sent for a cab and Mesrour will stow the things in it.