Stowed [verb]

Definition of Stowed:

reserve, store

Synonyms of Stowed:

Opposite/Antonyms of Stowed:

Sentence/Example of Stowed:

The foresail was brailed, and the foot stopped, and the flying-jib was stowed.

That they were not stowed away aboard her seemed unquestionable.

The little boys were up and stowed here and there waiting for breakfast.

It had been thought too good to be used, and had been stowed aside in the library.

Becky, she counted the cash and stowed it away in her apron pocket.

I take it you have that Dain Maroola stowed away safely somewhere.

The launch reached the battleship, was hoisted and stowed on board.

No inspiration came to him; so that methodically he stowed away the facts for reference.

The fizzy stuff he'd stowed away in that time must have been enough to sail a ship on.

Beside weapons of battle, he had stowed in a large supply of oil.