Straddle [verb]

Definition of Straddle:


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Sentence/Example of Straddle:

I've been here a year and I'm crazy to straddle a horse and ride off into the West.

His mind was 'straddle the furrow' when Mr Ottarson came in.

No. 1 then has the right to straddle the ante, and he may stake two pence.

C, who has the right to straddle the ante does not do so, so no other player may.

The right to straddle shall belong to the player to the left of ante.

When the camp is for one night only, straddle trenches suffice.

These may be used as straddle trenches or a seat improvised.

There was a large stone across the aperture, over which the horse had to straddle.

Lay him here, face down, so I can straddle him with my knees!

If Mr. Hill was going to speak at all, he was going to straddle.