Straddling [verb]

Definition of Straddling:

sit or stand on both sides

Synonyms of Straddling:

Opposite/Antonyms of Straddling:


Sentence/Example of Straddling:

Jukes, straddling his long legs like a pair of compasses, put on an air of superiority.

Straddling the rail behind it, and similarly dripping, was a—migawd!

The regulars went to bat, laughing, Siebold straddling the plate.

Above and below, straddling the river, were two defensive lines.

As it was, he was now face down on the floor and Red was straddling him, holding him there.

A Mexican was straddling Moffatt, one hand about his throat.

Lathrop, straddling his bicycle, peered anxiously down the road.

The art of straddling is not confined to the political arena.

Straddling the log, he started to get his baited hook in motion.

These go in the center of the horizontal frame, "straddling" the vertical strips, as shown in the illustration.