Straggled [verb]

Definition of Straggled:

wander, stray

Synonyms of Straggled:

Opposite/Antonyms of Straggled:




Sentence/Example of Straggled:

Complaining not, they straggle down to their bunks to change their clothes.

Any man that says I straggle is a liar—exceptin' the colonel, and he's mistaken.

Do you suppose I'd go off with them, and let you straggle up home by yourself?

Nothing was allowed to straggle, or to take up more than its share of room.

Do they straggle along so loosely as to escape particular notice?

But if they straggle to pick flowers or hunt lizards, they are sometimes carried off.

We do not find any of our men inclined to straggle, after what they have seen.

But she was forced by her geographical position into a "straggle" policy.

But they would not have been allowed to straggle, if any enemy had been about.

There now, the boys and men are beginning to straggle off in pairs.