Straggler [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Straggler:

May your straggler justify your odd fancy this time, brother!

Only the straggler or deserter has as few marks as you to show.

The last swift I observed was about the 21st August; it was a straggler.

He whistled and sounded his horn in vain; the straggler paid no attention to the summons.

Some thought a straggler had used it as a lodging, and set it on fire in lighting his pipe.

He entered cautiously, fearing a straggler had sought shelter there.

It is a straggler to Oceania and has not been recorded in the Hawaiian Islands.

It is recorded as a straggler to the Caroline and Mariana islands.

Upward they spring, one and all; not one idler or straggler remains behind.

My own servant, who had lost me in the crowd, was arrested as a straggler.