Straggling [verb]

Definition of Straggling:

wander, stray

Synonyms of Straggling:

Opposite/Antonyms of Straggling:




Sentence/Example of Straggling:

The offence of straggling is generally considered not serious.

A conjurer must have his time, like a straggling priest in the settlements.

It was tied with the greatest caution, and directed in a straggling hand.

It was a large house; but low and straggling; and unpretending in its exterior.

They were all signed in a strange, straggling hand, by the witness.

His grey hair was straggling into the puddle around his head.

It was written in pencil in large and straggling characters.

His eyes were wash-blue, and his straggling mustache drooped at the corners.

But scarcely a mile from her ran a line of straggling brush.

The lumbermen came and soon there was a straggling little village.