Straggly [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Straggly:

His face above his straggly whiskers was red with temper and with liquor.

They're black and lustrous, but by leaving them straggly they're a blemish.

He looked down at the ground and up into the straggly palms, then heaved a sigh.

There was a screen of straggly brush, with emptiness beyond.

His hair was getting grey at the temples and straggly on top.

Then comes a town deep in black mud—a straggly, inch-thick plank town, with dull red grain elevators.

His straggly gray beard confronted the fire-fighters everywhere, goading on the laggards, cheering the valiant.

Shall we climb up that straggly path along the face of the wall, and see what the old things look like?

They headed for the upper end of the island, where there was a small grove of straggly cedar trees.

And the wild man sat back on the bench and closed his eyes, and stroked his straggly beard.